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Soup Of The Day

Fyah up ya meal with Soup of the Day ( Small / Large )

$5.00 - $7.00


$5.00 - $7.00


$5.00 - $7.00


Patties To Go

Coco Bread

Side order(s)

(Prices may be subjected to change)

Freshly made to order approximately 10 mins

Lunch Special

Served with your choice of Rice & Peas / White Rice

(Drink & coleslaw included)

11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Main Menu

Home-Made Jamaican Entrees

All meals are served with the choice of Rice & Peas/White Rice/or Steamed Veg.

(Coleslaw or macaroni included)

Small / Large

Sm $10.00 / Lrg $13.00

Chicken quarters marinated in our special jerk seasoning

Sm $10.00 / Lrg. $13.00

Crispy fried chicken with a touch of an old Jamaican family secret recipe

Sm $10.00 / Lrg $13.00

Tender Pieces of chicken steeped in a variety of tangy seasoning & slowly cooked with carrot and brown sauce.

Sm $10.00 / Lrg $13.00

Marinated pieces of chicken slowly cooked with potatoes & carrots.

Sm $13.00 / Lrg $15.00

Savoury pieces of goat meat slowly cooked with traditional Jamaican curry & spices.

Sm $15.00 / Lrg $18.00

Tender pieces of oxtail slowly cooked.

Sm $12.00 / Lrg $15.00

Salt Beef cooked with Red Peas & spinners (dumpling).

Sm $14.00 / Lrg $17.00

Stew cow foot with Butter Bean.

Chef's Specialty

Seafood Delight

Freshly made to order approximately 25-30 mins. Entrees are served with a choice of rice & peas, white rice, mash potatoes or medley of mix veg. All seafood order are Large meal.

Fried fish (Red Snapper) served with tang vinegar sauce with cut up carrots, onions, & scotch bonnet peppers.

Seasoned fish fried (Red Snapper) and then stew down.


Steamed fish (Red Snapper) with curry seasoning & carrots.


Fried (Red Snapper) then sauteed in jerk sauce.


Seasoned fish, garlic, butter, Squash or pumpkin, medley of veg, okra.


Fresh jerk marinaded over salmon.


(Options) seasoned to choice well steamed Curry Shrimp Pepper Shrimp

All three options come with sauteed seasoning & pepper Curry Lobster mixed with shrimp – Pepper Lobster Tail – Jerk Lobster Tail

Vegetarian Choices

Can be served as a meal


Pre-orders (3 days) for Black Rum cake – $40.00 & up depending on size



Homemade Beverages